Widomski, Tomasz

T.Widomski - zdjecieTomasz Widomski (ELPROMA www.elpromaelectronics.com) holds a degree in Computer Science (Warsaw University of Technology, Poland), and degree in Economics, a Company Valuation Methods at Warsaw School of Economics. He was ELPROMA CEO (1992-2014) currently holding position of Senior Member of a Board. Inventor, with over 25 years’ experience in IT. He supervises NTP/PTP time server projects at ELPROMA (www.clepsydratime.com) getting with its R&D a couple of huge international successes including leading: DEMETRA Horizon 2020 Project (www.demetratime.eu 2014-2016) co-developing secured UTC ground distribution for GALILEO time, CERN White Rabbit – the next generation PTP protocol (2009-2012). He is a member of Atomic Time Scale Laboratories in Poland TA(PL), and consultant for professional synchronization at financial markets, power distribution, telecom, smart city and public e-administration. Earlier, in the 90’s he was involved in concurrent programing projects and real time operating system developments. His skills are including supervisory of large international consortium projects where he worked with National Institutes of Metrology: NPL(UK), INRIM (IT), GUM (PL), VLS (NL), SIQ (SLO), and high-tech space industry companies including: THALES ALENIA SPACE FRANCE, THALES ALENIA SPACE ITALY.

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